Welcome to the Tattoo Sangha.
{Sangha in Pali or Sanskrit means association, assembly or community.}

I am a Tattoo Artist and Reiki Master based out of Vancouver, B.C, Canada. Although I have worked in many styles, my main area of interest in tattooing is tribal and black work tattoos. I have a strong passion for the sacred aspects of tattooing, the images and rituals.

Currently I am working out of Paradigm Tattoo, the address is:
#201 - 906 W. Broadway {@ Laurel, just east of Oak st}

If you like to book an appointment, click here to email me. Please note it may take me up to 8 weeks to get back to you… and depending on the project size, a couple months after that to complete the project, so please plan ahead.

Thanks in advance for the patience.

Instagram - mikel_tattoosangha

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