Thursday Aug 2, 2015
There have been a few bumps in the road. I expect bumps… and am thankful for the patience of everyone. I am coming to realize that there is no 'system' or 'way' to do emails and the rest of my job in any other way, than the way I can. So thanks to everyone for the continued interest, support and patience. I am catching up on emails now, after loosing access for a few days… technology, it is what it is, but man when its broke, its broke.

I am currently booking the last of October, and into November. To keep up with my most recent work, have a peek at my Instagram page. Its the easiest to post to, and really its where most people are looking now. In the future, my website and how I approach it will probably change. I want it to be less separate than it feels right now. I am looking at new options, if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears. I would like to more seamlessly be able to post to it from my phone basically. Be able to get nice pictures up faster… and without the current multiple steps.

I have a little more travel this year, Montreal in Sept. and possibly a trip to the coast after that. I will announce those dates once I know them.

I hope everyone is having a great summer… enjoying more time with people or nature, or both. Less time with our faces turned towards the shiny boxes… its all about the right balance for you. I know I am enjoying trying to find mine.

Its all about finding your own road.
April 2, 2015
Just a quick update on a few things.
Email… Thanks all for the constant patience. I seem to run at least 2 weeks behind, if not longer at points. Please always feel free to check in again. I try to do emails when time permits… as projects finish I try to bring in new ones. I appreciate all the cool projects and will get back to you as soon as I can! If you think I may have missed your email, PLEASE email me again. It was NOT intentional!!

I have a couple side things that I have been working on with a really cool lady, and will announce it as soon as we have it all together. Something that will help fellow tattooers, and those being tattooed!

Travel dates. I am going to be doing the Montreal Convention this year, Sept 11-13. Other than that, I will be sticking close to home, getting the new studio settled. I will be looking into maybe some Alberta trips though, I will see how people feel about that… if there is enough interest, I will make them happen.

Have a great long weekend, as always, more soon…. M
February 18th 2015
Trying to be fare, to respect peoples interest in working with me… its such a personal thing to ask someone to tattoo you… and I don't take it lightly.

Since the move to Kelowna I have been trying to figure out the best, most streamline way to book any visits I do to the lower mainland. My first thought was a waiting list that I could call from. Although a good idea at the start, it grew far faster than I thought it would and at this point its so long, I will never get through it. I feel bad that people on that list could be in this "limbo" of waiting to get a tattoo that may just never happen.

With this on my mind, I have decided to change how I am going to do this. I am going to contact everyone on my list via email as well. The list is going to get scrapped. I feel its just not fare to people and also its far to heavy a weight on me. I constantly feel guilty for people waiting for so long.

My new idea, which I feel will be most fare to everyone is far more simple. Any trips I do to the coast, or anywhere for that matter, I will announce on the various medias that I use. From that point, it will be a first come, first served sort of deal. As soon as the trip is booked, that will get announced too. I feel this will cut down the process to something far more quick and simple.

I know some people may not be happy with this, for that I am sorry. There is no way for me to know how things are going to go, and in this case, I had no idea that I would be so busy up here so fast, and that the list for Vancouver would get so big so fast. I hope people understand…

Its all about life balance, editing out any stresses that are not needed and allowing the proper time for me and clients to come together and create the best tattoo I can for them.

Thank you for all the interest. I appreciate it so much.
February 3, 2015
All the dust settles…

The studio has been open for a couple weeks now and things are settling in so well. I am really happy with what Dave and I are creating there. Really happy to share it with our clients.

Some changes…
My Vancouver list is so large now that I have decided to cap it off. I am really sorry to those that want to work with me; i appreciate it. Its just so big at this point, I have no idea how long it will take me to get to everyone. I have decided to change things up as far as any trips go. I WILL email people on that list… I promise. But as that gets moved through, I am going to just announce guest spots and take projects on a 1st come sort of method. Again, I will email folks on the list, but in the future, I will move to a more simple method for all. Thank you for all the interest in working with me… I appreciate it so much.

For anyone interested in coming to Kelowna, feel free to get ahold of me and we can sort you out no problem at all. Right now I am booking into March for appointments, but if you are local, we can get you in for a consult really quick.

I am also going to join the current century and am trying out taking credit cards. Its a trial, but I am open to it. I got a square reader and its up and running. The new studio is not near any bank machines, so I feel that this is a good option to try. Of course cash is always king!

I am working on a few side projects right now as well. As they develop I will post more on them. I am finding I am finally having the time needed to get them done… and am really happy about that. They have been rattling around in my head for too long.

Thanks to all again, the projects people are coming to me with are awesome… I really appreciate them!

January 1, 2015
Happy New Years!
Thank you to everyone I worked with in the last year! I really look forward to getting the studio open and all the cool projects to come in 2015.

There is a golden rule to renovations and building things… or at least there seems to be. What you know, or are told, well double it. Now in the case of the new studio I am putting together with Dave Allen, we may be breaking that rule some. Its not definitive yet but it looks like we are shooting for a mid January open! Fingers crossed… the last of the plumbing goes in smoothly and inspections go well, then we are good! I will update and announce the opening as soon as I have a concrete date.

As this is so close, I have opened my schedule for 2015. I have been booking really slowly through the transition but am ready to get people in more. With that said, if you are on a list for Kelowna, feel free to email me again. If you aren't and are interested in getting tattooed in Kelowna, email me at and we will get you sorted.

Thank you for everyones patience, I really appreciate it.
Thursday November 13, 2014
Just a quick update on Vancouver trips. I am still watching and wanting to plan a work trip down to the coast. Whats been holding me up is my search for my new work space in Kelowna. Apologies to those waiting, but it's for a good reason that its taking me a bit to get back to Vancouver. As soon as I know more I will let people know, thank you for the patience!!! Positive thoughts, I hope to have a new space secured soon.
October 31, 2014
Just a quick update…
I am looking to get my first trip to Vancouver sorted. I will post the dates soon and also email people. I am trying to work it out over a weekend but it may be part of a weekend and a weekday… I will so all I can to accommodate people, including looking at evening appointments.

Thanks again to all that have been travelling up to the interior to get tattooed. MUCH appreciated. I have been slowly looking for places to set up my studio, and getting help from people too. If you know any smaller spaces for rent in Kelowna, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to email me.

The winter is coming… and with that I plan to get some small projects I have been wanting to do for ever done. I will also be starting to post drawings of tattoos I really want to do. If you see it, its available. I will be posting it on my Instagram and also Facebook. Oh, thats the other thing… I am back on Facebook. I am really not too much of a fan of it, but it can help with keeping in touch with people. My Facebook page is here. Feel free to follow me if you fancy that sort of thing… its going to be more or less the same as my Instagram, but I will try to keep it a little different.

Dates for Vancouver will be posted soon….
Thanks for looking!
October 7th, 2014
Settling in.

Thanks for all the patience, and to all the clients making the trip up so far. I have gotten through my call list for clients willing to travel. A couple left to organize, but all sorted for the most part. I will always appreciate people who travel to see me, thank you. IF you are looking to get in sooner than later with me, I can accommodate new projects WAY faster in Kelowna, than I can in Vancouver as my time is limited to any trips I make there.

I haven't planned my first trip to Vancouver yet, as I just need to settle my schedule here. Once that is done I will look at my first trip. I will be planning it over a weekend, and will be doing morning, mid day and evening appointments to try to help people out with different schedules.

As soon as I have dates for that, I will begin to email on-going projects first, once thats done I will see about starting any new projects as well.

For Kelowna, I am going to start some new things as well… including I will be doing completed drawings of some ideas I have wanted to do for a while, and posting them on instagram. These will be up for grabs, and will stay posted until someone gets it tattooed, then I will take it down, not to be done again. I am also beginning the process of putting together a sketchbook that I will have for sale as well. This may take some time, but excited about it for sure.

Have an awesome tuesday! Always more to come…...
September 16th, 2014
I want to thank everyone that got tattooed at the Montreal convention, and to Pierre and Val, and all of the people that help them put on a great show. I really do think its the best one in Canada, especially for international artists.

As I seem to like my life simple, 1 day after getting back we moved ourselves up to Kelowna. Thankfully it actually went well… or as well as moving chaos can be!

I will be working here and there doing clients at Bertram and Co as I start looking for a small studio for myself. Thanks to Dan, Tautu and Lefty for making a little room for me. MUCH appreciated.

I will be looking at a trip back to Vancouver to work on current clients and also people who have been added to my call list for there. I think October will be a realistic first trip. I will announce it and also email people directly about that.

For local Kelowna clients, please feel free to get ahold of me, I am going to start booking for here soon, and I will be able to get you in real quick! I will also be posting some ready to go tattoos I am really wanting to do… watch for those on instagram. As I finish them they will get posted, 1 off custom pieces, once they are gone, they are gone.

Thanks for the patience everyone, I will be getting back to the rest of my email list and sorting it out into Kelowna call lists or Vancouver call lists. Know, if you are willing to travel, it will get you in FAR sooner than my Vancouver list… if thats an option for you. I know its not for many, I really appreciate your willingness to wait! I will do my best to get to your projects as soon as I can.

Thank you. M
August 14th, 2014

After working on things quietly, I can finally announce what I have been up to. As of mid September I will be moving the family to Kelowna BC. I will be tattooing up there shortly after that, with some friends at Bertram and co. until I am able to secure my own space. My plan is to make some regular trips to Vancouver to work, so if travel is not possible for you, we can still look at working together when I make these trips.

I will be going through my call list and letting people know via email about the move and what our options are now. If you are willing to make the trip up, it will of course get you in and tattooed FAR faster than I have been able to get to people while I have been in Vancouver…. but I understand that is not possible for everyone, and am happy to put people on a call list for Vancouver trips too.

Moving 2 times in 1 year… basically what we have done, was not really our plan, but we always knew that the move back to Vancouver was temporary. All of this was to work towards a life balance that I feel is really important. I look forward to all the new adventures that will come.

Thanks to everyone, as always, for the patience and all of the cool projects!

I will let people know more details as I know them.

July 31, 2014
To everyone who has been so patient… thank you.

There are some big plans in the works that I hope will soon be able to be announced, that will explain the wait. I really apologize that its been so long for some.

I will get back to you… I am answering March emails now… to give you a gage. To new clients, please be patient, I will get back to you. from initial email, its about a 6-8 month wait right now to get tattooed. To me that is a daunting number, I totally understand if it doesn't work for some… for those with that amazing patience, thank you.

I hope to share the new project with everyone soon!
July 10th, 2014
Just a quick post, found this old interview with Doc Forbes from 1964.
Wednesday July 9th, 2014
Last week I was fortunate enough to meet up with a news crew from New Zealand {Aotearoa}. They wanted to do an interview with a non-Maori tattooist that was working with Maori inspired styles….

Click here to see the interview.

I want to thank Matt Chisholm from TVNZ, I thought he did a great job.

I will be doing a small guest spot at Bertram and co. in Kelowna next week, July16-17 just before the Okanagan Tattoo Convention that is July 18th-20th. Here is the site for all the show info! I have a couple spots left, hopefully we will see you there.

I held off booking August, and have started calling people in from my email list. I am currently calling people in from March… Thanks to everyone for the patience!

More soon….
June 4, 2014
Just a quick update on how long my list is… Right now I am still answering emails from February. I really apologize for the wait. I am working on it….
April 29, 2014
So… BIG news…

To accommodate an increased interest in my work, I am having to make some big changes in regards to what projects I take on. I am currently focusing my work only on larger tribal, Haida and blackwork pieces. Sadly I am not able to take on all the project requests I receive any more, and am choosing to start taking pieces that I feel am best suited for, and inspire me. I really appreciate anyone wanting to get tattooed by me, its a huge honour to tattoo anyone. I am really sorry that I can't take on all projects any more please know its not an easy choice for me… but I am a 1 man show, and can do only so much work.

My desire is to shorten my wait list, as its too long right now, and the stress of carrying it is just too much. I hope this change will smooth that out and work better for everyone.

For those interested in booking a consultation to get
tattooed by me, please email me:
Its important that you include: the idea or style of the work, size, location, and budget if you have one.

I am a 1 man show, so it can take some time for me to get back to you initially. Thanks for the patience… I honestly appreciate any interest in working together. Tattooing someone is such a huge thing, and to be asked to share in that is a massive honour.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the interest… I will get to by backlog of emails really soon and hopefully burn through them and get some new people in!!!

Feb 19, 2014
Thank you to everyone… for the patience and also for the awesome ideas, and projects.

PLEASE know, I do like to get back to everyone, but know at this point it is taking me upwards of 2 months to get back to people. As I finish projects, I am going through emails and calling new people in for consults… so patience WILL pay off. I just haven't come up with another system that would serve any better… so basically my in box to my email, is my waiting list. I answer people in order that they email me. Its about as fare as it can be, which is important to me.

So thanks again for the patience, I really appreciate it!
Jan 2nd, 2014
Happy New Years to everyone!

I want to thank everyone that worked with me through 2013. I appreciate all the projects that people shared with me!

I have been slowly getting through some emails again, so if you were waiting to hear from me, check your in box. Its been taking me about 1 month or so to get back to people, sorry its so long, I really do try my best to answer everyone.

I have been implementing the waiting list, I really hope that it can work to respect peoples time, and keep things organized on my end.

As I wade through the emails, and get back to people, I am also working on a few other things that I will let people know of as soon as its ready.

May the new year bring us all lessons to grow from, great big belly laughs, time with friends and family… and inner peace.

Dec 5th, 2013
Coming to the end of the year... wow. What a year.

So I have been mulling over in my head for some time what to do to make my work flow better... and I feel I have come to a decision...

I have decided that I am going to work with a waiting list. I struggled with this some, as I feel there is an 'air' about waiting lists... but the truth is, I just cant keep up with the emails, and all the tattoo work load. Its really important to me that I respect peoples time, and also my own. So for now, this is what I am going to work with.

If you are a new client and you are first contacting me, please ensure you have let me know the basics about your project {style you want, size, location on the body}. I will confirm your email and let you know I have added you to my list... I will go through my list and call people as I complete projects. I hope that there is a steady flow in this style... but of course everything is a work in process.

My only goal is to try to do the best tattoo I can for the people I work for. My interest is quality over quantity... I appreciate the patience and all the cool ideas...

My hope is that as I iron this out, I will be able to have a steady flow, for me and my clients.

November 14, 2013
Just a quick update....

Thank you to everyone, for all the emails and interest in working together. I honestly appreciate it. I especially appreciate the patience, as its taking me some time to get back to people.

At this point, it can take me 2-3 weeks to respond to peoples initial emails. I am trying to figure out a new system that will work maybe a little more efficiently. I worry that emails fall through the cracks. If I have not responded to you... by all means it was not intentional! Please email me again.

When emailing me, please include as much info as you can... What you are wanting, where, how large... all of this info will speed up the consult process.

Thanks again for all the awesome ideas.

I am working on a couple new t-shirt ideas, I will post them once I have them all done.

Thanks. M.

October 25, 2013
A quick update on emails, and appointments.

Thank you to everyone for the interest in working together. I really do appreciate it. Right now I am just about through all call lists and caught up on emails. My call list was about 85 people long... so its taken a little. I can only do so many consults a week.

With that said, as people cycle through, of course I am booked out a little again. Right now, I am booking the end of December. There are some holes here and there... but for the most part we are looking at about 7 weeks out.

As things settle, I may start to change how I book a little... and also how I accommodate consults. Not that this will effect clients much at all... just always looking to try to make it comfortable and efficient for people to get in and complete their projects.

On a different note, Black Tattoo art 2 is out, and a beautiful book. I feel very fortunate that some of my work got chosen to be in this collection of work. Its really quite a book to look through.
September 19th, 2013 - A QUICK MESSAGE ABOUT MY RATES

Now that I am back in Vancouver I will be going back to my old Vancouver rate of $180/hour tax included.
September 17th, 2013
The move is done... well kind of.
Thanks to everyone for the patience. I have begun the huge project of catching up on emails and also getting to my waiting list. I appreciate everyones patience in this. I will get back to you. If in a few weeks, for some CRAZY reason, I seem to have missed you... feel free to email me and check in. I really don't mind. It has been known to happen.

Cohen Floch has been nice enough to make a little room for me to work out of in his new studio: Paradigm Tattoo Co. The studio address is:
#201 - 906 W. Broadway {@ Laurel, just east of Oak st}
Click on the address, if you want to see it on google maps. Its a great new studio, in a location that a few of my friends have had tattoo studios at in the past... so there is some great mojo there.

I will be running my normal work days, Friday - Sunday, closed Tuesday/Wednesday. Thursday is emails and drawing day.

Ok, back to emails... more soon!
September 3, 2013
Calm, or not so calm before the storm.

I am off to Montreal, to attend the Montreal Tattoo Convention this weekend. My wife and I are taking an extra day or 2 to relax, and enjoy the city for a little, before we are back and move all our stuff to Vancouver.

For everyone on the Vancouver call list, thank you SO much for the interest. I didn't expect the reaction I got. As soon as I am moved, I will get to setting up at the new location I will be working at... and will get to emails. I should be able to start getting back to people by late September. Thanks to everyone for the patience... I really appreciate it. Moving is always more work than we think it will be....

But once done, I am excited to get back to it, and work on all these awesome tattoo projects that people are emailing me.

Thank you.
August 7th, 2013
With the big announcement done, I am slowly getting to emails.
Right now I haven't exact dates that I will be starting work in Vancouver, I am shooting for some time in October.

Current clients with appointments booked with me.... If you would like to wait until I am on the mainland, let me know, I am happy to bump your appointment until then. I will be going through my appointments and checking in with people and seeing as well.

I will also email confirmations to all the people that got ahold of me already about being on my Vancouver list... Once organized I will go down this list in the order the emails came in and set up consults for everyone.

Thanks for all the excitement for my return to the big city, man, its nice.

August 6th, 2013
" If we look at change as something we can always count on, it can be a comfort instead of something that scares you. "

After a lot of thought and planning, and with some excitement, we have decided to move the family back to Vancouver as of this fall. I will be posting exact dates as I know them, including where I will be working and when I will be starting. Any Vancouver clients that would like to get on my email list for when I am back, email me now with " vancouver list " in the subject heading... and I will add you to my list. As soon as I have dates, I will email people and get everyone in for consults. If you have a larger project, this would be a good time to get on the list, as we will be able to get you rolling quickly once I am there.

Victoria clients, not to worry, I am here until at least the end of September. If we have anything on going, please get ahold of me asap, and I can make any arrangements needed to get you finished up.

More to come, as I figure plans out.

July 21, 2013
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

I wanted to post a quick update, that I will follow up with soon....
For now, I am taking a waiting list for new work. I am holding off taking on new projects or clients until I can get some larger projects planned for this fall.

I will be getting back to everyone that has emailed me in the last bit and letting them know... and once I re-open my books, I will move down my list in the order that the emails came in.

Exciting plans coming up!
Thanks for looking.
July 14th, 2013
A week ago I was able to catch up a little on posting new work on the site... I hope you like what I have been working on. Thanks to all my clients!!! My next step may be to cut some of the older work off... the gallery is getting kind of large!

I am about to head to Red Deer and work with my friends at Classic tattoo again in August. I will be there from the 13-17th of August. If anyone would like to book any consults for future Alberta trips, please feel free to email me! I am planning regular trips there to work. I have already started planning a September trip, dates to me announced.

Right now For Victoria work, I am booked out until mid September. Please get ahold of me if you are looking to get in on my fall schedule, its booking fast. I am holding off booking Nov/Dec right now until I have some trips planed out... but those will open up by September.

I will be working along side of Shawn Hedley at the Montreal tattoo convention Sept 6-8th. I still have some time left, if you are interested, please contact me asap, its booking far faster than I expected. Thanks to everyone for the interest in working with me!
May 16th, 2013
Just a quick couple things...

I hav decided, through lack of use, to get rid of the studio phone. I just wasn't using it. The best way to get ahold of me is email. For on-going work I can provide clients with a number they can text me on if needed.
Simplify, its good for you.

Next is trips.... Red Deer is Booked in June. Thanks again to all who are booked. It seems that at the end of this trip I might book another, as there has been so much interest. I will keep you posted, and let everyone know if I get another trip organized.

Montreal in September, I am taking appointments now, I still have space, so email me and lets set something up!

Thank you to everyone for all the interest in working together. Much appreciated!

April 30th, 2013
Thank you.

To everyone that came to the Vancouver Convention and got tattooed. To everyone that came to say hi. To my extended tattoo family, for inspiring me in my work, and as a person. Thank you.

The convention went really well... but man, it always takes it out of me. Always a couple quiet days after them.

I am charged up now though! Lots of ideas, and plans to come.

So I am doing my first trip to Alberta in a long time, I am going to be working in Red Deer June 18-22. This trip is already booked solid... but anyone interested in working with me, please get ahold of me. If there is enough interest, I will make other visits out there! I get to work with friends, get some visits in.... and tattoo you fine folk out there. Email me here if you are interested.

Also, the Dave Shore art auction is on! Click here for the Facebook page... and get to biding. Anyone can bid, so if you see anything you like, get in there! ALL the $ goes to a good cause, helping out Dave's wife Gemma.

I have some shirts left after the convention as well... some large and xlarge. Email me if you are interested. They are $35 shipped anywhere in North America, $20 in person.

We are all connected.... think about what you are doing and putting out there.

Be nice to each other.... more soon.
April 24th, 2013
So this weekend, if you are in the Vancouver area, come by the Vancouver Tattoo Convention! I still have some tshirts for sale, and will be hanging out and tattooing. The art show and benefit for Dave Shore is going to be an awesome one... WELL worth having a look at.

Here is the site for the convention.

I have booked a trip to go hang out with an old friend Shawn Hedley in Red Deer... and do some tattoos with him and all the nice people at Classic tattoo. I really am looking forward to this. I have had clients come from Alberta for so many years, I feel good getting out there now. I will be in Red Deer June 18th to 22nd. Any Alberta folk that want to get tattooed, this trip is now booked, but if all goes well, I will make others... so let me know if you would like to be on a list for future trips.

I would like to thank all the people that ordered shirts from me... I was not prepared for that interest, and it was really awesome. I have several other designs ready... and I will print them next. For all my future shirts, I will be doing slightly larger runs, but limited runs. There will be 108 of the shirts in that style... and that is it. Although i may use the design or something about it again, that shirt as it is, wont be done again. I have been really enjoying designing the shirts, I hope you enjoy them.

I have to go get ready for the convention... but will update the site about some other stuff I have coming up and also the new shirts!

Be nice to each other...
March 24th, 2013
I can't say I am the best at time management, but I find it interesting that I end up doing updates on my site at about the same time, every time. The time being REALLy busy.

So some fast Highlights.

I will be tattooing and generally hanging around at the Vancouver Tattoo Convention. I have decided that I am going to draw out some designs that I want to do, and that will be all I am doing at the show. Please feel free to stop by and say hi. I will also have t-shirts with me... if they are not sold by the show! To all that jumped on the shirts, THANK YOU! I REALLY didn't have any idea that the response would be so strong. I am actually planing another few designs really soon.

Its a ways off... but I will also be at the Montreal Tattoo Convention in September. Its been a couple years since I have been able to get back to Montreal, which is sad, My wife and I love it there. SO we are really happy to be confirmed for this year.

Its been busy for appointment requests this spring, so I thank everyone for the patience with my emails! I will get to you, promise.

Thats it for the minute. Be nice to each other... stop fighting against what you dont agree with, and take that energy and support what you DO agree with.... it works way better.

January 27, 2013
So I am working on a bunch of stuff right now...

I am confirmed for the Vancouver Tattoo Convention April 26-28th. I am happy to be a part of this, as its in memory of Dave Shore of dragon tattoo. He was instrumental in the history of tattooing in Vancouver, and I am happy to be a part of this.

Also, I am confirmed for the Montreal tattoo convention September 6-8th. Its a ways off, but I want to start letting people know now. I already have some interest in people working with me at this show {thank you for that!}.

The 3rd trip that is just in the works right now, is maybe a trip out to see my friend Mr. Shawn Hedley in Alberta. If I can organize this, I will post dates and such and also get back to all my Alberta clients. It would be nice to do a few tattoos while I am out there.

I wanted to get that up... of course always more to come. I am just about caught up on emails again, thanks always for the patience. I have a couple months to get some larger projects done before it really picks up again, Hopefully i can get them done!

be nice to each other, but dont forget yourself.
Jan 4th, 2013
I feel really fortunate, to start my year with this!
I got interviewed for Needles and sins, a great site on tattooing that Marisa Kakoulas runs. Marisa is the author of the Black Tattoo Art book. She is working on the second volume of this book... which I am happy to say I will be one of the many artists published. I feel really lucky to be part of this project, as I loved the first book so much!
Dec 24, 2012
To all my clients and friends, may you all have a great Christmas and New years! Thank you for all the support and encouragement this year. It was more than I would have expected, and so appreciated.

Whatever you celebrate, whatever you do, may it bring you happiness.

november 9, 2012
slow steady changes.

first, and i am happy about it... i found out that you can actually delete your facebook account. true story. i always thought you could turn it off, but it was always there still, waiting to be opened up again, looking like you have never left! well a friend of mine showed me you can actually delete it! and well, i have. with no announcement, i deleted my account yesterday. really it was work that was keeping me on fb... even though i have fought with it for ever. its never sat right with me... how they run that site. the information mining, everything. i know that people can find out things about people via the net, and many people, including myself are not hiding anything... but i dont need to lay it out on a silver platter either. wnat to know something, ask me. i also found fb to be this weird voyeurism, that made people feel that they were in touch with friends... but they werent. i actually feel it supported lack of communication, a lack of connection. see ya later fb. i might not know some of the amazing info that you like to share, like snookie's new air style, and you know what, i am ok with that.

ok, so i have started the daunting task of updating the gallery... new photos will slowly get posted. i hope you like some of the new work from the last year. thank you to all my clients... truely. i cant do what i do on my own. its through working with you that these ideas come out. a heart felt thanks.

ok back to work for now.
be well.
october 22, 2012
the sun and warm days are gone, fall is here just like that! now its thoughts of pumpkins and colourful leaves on the ground. i love fall. putting some boots on, a warm coat and sitting in the brisk air and drinking a hot coffee.... love it.

ok, work stuff! for those waiting for emails... i am only running maybe 5-7 days behind on emails now. please, if i somehow missed your email, dont be shy to email me again. i really do my best to answer everyones emails, and this takes time. i know that there have been some emails in the past that have slipped through the cracks. apologies for that, it was not intended. ping me again, and i will get back to you.

i am taking my time getting the studio set up, slowly getting artwork up and looking at getting a few more pieces of furniture to get the place set up. i will get some photos posted of the new space when i feel its ready. every day i am in there working, its getting closer. thanks to everyone who has come visit so far! much appreciated.

i have been getting requests for smaller tattoos, and also tattoo styles that i dont represent in my portfolio. to anyone interested, know that i can, and do work in other styles... and i am happy to do small tattoos too, as well. feel free to ask me about your project. if i feel its something i can do, i will happily take it on. if i feel i know someone that could do it better, i am just as happy to suggest them.

right now i have a couple appointments left for 2012. i will be opening my 2013 schedule at the end of this month. if you are interested in getting tattooed next year, please email me back at the beginning of november. thanks again to everyone, for their interesting projects. really, some great ideas coming to me. MUCH appreciated.

more soon.
october 9th, 2012
to everyone waiting to hear back from me, i will get back to emails starting tomorrow!!!!

i know i am about 2 weeks behind, but will be fully caught up in the next couple days.

thanks for the patience, tomorrow the internet and phone get set up at the studio. watch your in box!
october 2, 2012
welcome to the tattoo sangha!

moving in....

this has been a crazy ride. with no real thoughts to being where i am, as soon as i am... its all happened.

october 1, 2012... 4 truths tattoo sangha has been born.

of course i have had private studios before, but this is the first space that i will not be sharing with others, so it feels a little different than the past incarnations of my studio. i have loved the past studios... and really look forward to the new one. i really want to work more with the sacred aspects of tattooing... and creating a space to do that. a space that people are comfortable enough to have whatever experience they desire while getting tattooed. each one of us has a different idea of what we want to experience through the tatau or tattoo. i hope that the new space aids people in that.

the studio is located at 532 herald st, victoria b.c.

it will be an appointment only studio, as its really important to me that my clients get my full attention during their tattoos. if you would like to come by for a visit, by all means shoot me an email. visitors are always welcome, as long as its not interrupting a clients session.

i will post more really soon... i will be taking my time setting the studio up, getting it just right. as this unfolds, i will share some photos!

thank you to all my clients, past, present and future! i cant wait to share more....
SEPT 15TH, 2012
big news!

the move to victoria has been great, truly WAY better than i could have anticipated. so much so, that i have decided to move forward and open my own private studio far sooner than i ever expected. so as of october 1 i will be opening an appointment only, private tattoo studio near chinatown in downtown victoria.

i would like to thank to gerry, tattoo zoo and all the staff for giving me a home for the past few months! their help has been truly invaluable.

more on this really soon!!!
august 17th, 2012
the summer has been awesome, wow. thank you to all my clients, and new people emailing me with such cool ideas to do. thank you for your interest in working with me. i really appreciate it. i try to put all the energy i can into every tattoo i do. people work so hard to come see me, i want to give them all i can in return. the move has really been a great time for me to try some new things and make some new goals.

so lots of projects getting planned for the fall!

as far as my schedule, please know i am staying steady at about 2 month out. most of october is booked at this point. especially if you are needing weekends... you are looking at november at this point. please plan ahead.

so know it doesnt hurt to ask though, sometimes i get cancellations.

as of september my schedule has changed a little. i am now drawing on wednesdays, and tattooing thursday - sunday. monday tuesday off.

any questions or if you would like to book, please email me!

more soon about some winter projects... sketchbooks, t-shirts and some larger tattoo ideas!

august 4th, 2012
i am going to do a quick update here, as i have a lot going on right now, and am SO slow at posting news right now.

moving, its a great way to shake absolutely everything up. bloody hell.
SO after a few months i am feeling more and more settled, and ready to get some plans made and going for the winter.

first my schedule!
for everyone that i chatted with before leaving vancouver, if we have not chatted yet, i will be getting ahold of you soon. i really was under the assumption that i would have time to make regular trips back to vancouver right out the gate. i was wrong. i am far busier here than i was expecting. so my apologies, i will be emailing everyone and letting them know whats going on.

right now i am booked out about 2 months, and even october is filling faster than i was expecting. i answer emails in the order that they come in, to be fair to all. so not to worry, even if it takes me some time to get ahold of you, i will.

as far as vancouver trips, i am sure there will be some, but when, i have no idea at this point. SO if you want to get a project started, please email me. i am offering a day rate for people traveling to see me, that makes is WELL worth your time to come here. this day rate will NOT be available if i am traveling and working.

also, as i come into fall, i am looking for some local victoria people who may be interested in some larger black work projects. i will be getting these drawn out, and then i will post them. these tattoo projects are a few that i really want to do. these larger projects will be offered at a specific price structure that is different than my hourly rate, as they will be larger pieces that will take some time.

the final update for now is i WILL be getting shirts done soon. i will post when they are ready!

enjoy august!
be nice to each other.
let go of grudges, they cause cancer.

june 18th, 2012
firstly, thanks to everyone for the patience! i really appreciate it.

i am slowly working things out with work, after the move. i know its been a long time, but i am digging my way through it now.

to update everyone, work in victoria is much busier than i anticipated. i know this is due to the summer months, and i am sure this will slow come the fall/winter. as this is the case, i am finding it hard to book my vancouver trips. i have done 1 so far, and i am not sure when the next one will be now, possibly august. july is already booked.

i will be emailing everyone individually and catching them up with my schedule, and possibilities as far as tattooing.

thanks again for the patience! i really appreciate the interest in working with me.

i will be finally getting a large photo update done on the site soon too. its up to about 25-30 new photos that will be going up.... watch for that really soon!

may 30th, 2011
so i am basically booked for the first trip over to vancouver june 9-10.

i want to thank everyone again for the patience. i AM moving down the list of people i have... its slow right now, as its coming to summer and its hard to book people now. beach and sun are, well hopefully, on its way. people have holidays booked... so i will keep chipping away at the list!

for my vancouver clients, i am actually offering a great deal right now. a full day rate that would be WELL worth your time to contact me about. email me for details! this day rate is really designed around those wanting larger work... and helping with the costs of travel. this is a 1 person, all day rate. it can't be shared, or split.

if interested at all... click the above link.

at the end of this trip... i will know much more about future trips, and how best to organize them. here again is the link to the map for craftsman tattoo! to those clients i have booked... see you there! i will be tattooing at craftsman tattoo in whiterock saturday june 9th and sunday june 10th. click on this to see a map to the shop.

as i settle in more and more, i will try to keep this as current as possible with news of travel and my schedule.

thanks to everyone for the patience in the move and the new adventures!

may 18th, 2012
so the first trip to vancouver is now getting booked. those of you on my call list, watch your in box!

i will be tattooing at craftsman tattoo in whiterock saturday june 9th and sunday june 10th. click on this to see a map to the shop.

to all on my list. i am going down it, in the order that i took it... to be fare to all. thanks for the patience... i will work through the list.

working on some new stuff... more on this really soon.

may 12, 2012
moving, its awesome! but the day of... its a special kind of hell.

the move to victoria went well. sad and exciting at the same time. the new shop, and all the crew are great. i am getting settled nicely, and feel real fortunate to have all the clients i do that are willing to make the trek over! i know for many its hard or not possible at all to come over, and they are awesome too! heh... i just really want to show some appreciation for those that do come over. they helped make the first week of work great! thanks!

SO for all my great clients on the mainland... i promise i will be announcing my first trip back soon!!! i just need a little time here to get settled, and get some stuff rolling here. initially i was thinking late may, but it looks like it will be june before i make it back for my first visit.

i have my list set up, and once i get the date set, i will get to emailing people. i appreciate the patience!!!

now go enjoy this sun! more soon.

new location, new adventures, and still coming back to vancouver to work!

so after not much news entries, i guess i should catch up!

SO after such a long time deciding, we are moving to victoria. many of you know this already, but for those that don't... you do now!

for vancouver clients, i have started a waiting list for new work. i WILL be regularly coming back to vancouver to tattoo. not to worry. BUT please know, it will be much faster to get your project done, if you can make it over to victoria. i know that this is not possible for everyone, and i appreciate anyone willing to take the boat over.

so for people wanting to get tattooed in vancouver please email me! let me know the project size, details, and all contact info for you. i will put you on my call list for future trips. keep in mind that i am already booked for my first few trips to vancouver, so for new projects, it may be a few months out before we start.

if you are ok to travel, the timeline to get tattooed will be MUCH less. as i am new to victoria i will not be overly booked up. feel free to email me and let me know if you are open to getting tattooed in victoria and we can find you a date asap.

the new location in victoria is:

tattoo zoo
1215 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 1T9
(250) 361-1952

i will be there thursday through monday, starting may 3rd.

to everyone, i really appreciate your interest in working with me. i feel very fortunate that people bring me such awesome projects. i see tattooing as more than just the end result.... so thank you for sharing in this amazing ritual. thank you for your patience, and trust.

{ to victoria, i can't wait to see what you share with me.... i feel that there are some amazing adventures ahead! }

february 12, 2012
an update for all looking to start new projects with me...

as the interest has grown and i am trying to keep emails and projects rolling smoothly, i am putting a small hold on new projects and starting a waiting list. i will start booking things again shortly, i just need a few weeks to catch up, and get things sorted!

THANK you for all the interest in working with me. the projects are all so awesome.

i WILL get back to you, thanks for the patience!!!!

always, quality over quantity.
feb 1, 2012
...sooo i guess my experiment worked! if you are not following it yet, please feel free to have a peek at the random goings on, and daily nonsense on my blog -
i find it a lot easier to keep up with, so its getting a lot more attention than the news part of my site. this will always be the main gallery, and i will keep important work news on here for sure.

for those on instagram, feel free to look me up as well : tattoosangha

i have been working a lot and have a larger update coming as far as photos on the site is concerned. i am real happy with the new projects people have been bringing me, thanks to everyone for all the cool ideas!

bookings: i am booked out about 2-3 months regularly now. please plan ahead if you would like to work with me. i know my schedule is a beast. my priority will always be quality over quantity... thanks for the patience.

travel plans:
right now the main plan is to attend the montreal 10 year convention! that is in early september. i have not decided yet if i will work it... i am pondering it.
other than that, i am looking at making some more victoria trips... if you are on the island and want to get tattooed by me, let me know! maybe we can organize it to tattoo you there, and save the ferry trip!

again, thanks to all for wanting to work with me, i really appreciate it. keep the cool projects coming!

be groovy.
sept 24th 2011
i wanted to update my booking and availability.

as of today, other than the odd day i have left {weekdays} i am booked until the new year.

i really appreciate everyones interest in working with me, it means a lot to me. regretfully my schedule is a bit of a beast. if you are interested, please do email me... i thank you for your patience!

i will be updating the site photos soon, with a bunch of new work.... that i am excited to share.

have a great day.... spend some time this weekend with someone you love. life is too short to not.
sept 23, 2011
so, well... ya.

horrible at updating this news section, so i am trying something different that i feel may work better for me.

so lets give it a go!

welcome the birth of tattoo sangha

please feel free to follow my attempt at a blog, it will be very tattoo orientated of course, as tattooing is a huge interest of mine... but it will have many other ramblings as well. i feel it will be easier for me to update, and it also allows for photos, so i can show shots of cool on-going projects and such.

all work news / announcements will be kept up on this site.

lets see how it goes!
july 16th, 2011
there is so much more that i would like to write about... but for now, you should be watching...

tattoo age - with dan santoro


the gypsy gentleman - with marcus kuhn, thomas hooper, and virginia elwood

some AWESOME tattoos... and shows about the REAL world of tattooing.

here is a new article from lars krutak... with colin dale. interesting read.

and this looks like a GREAT book on buddhist calligraphy and mantras.

honest, more soon... its super busy right now.
may 26, 2011
back from a nice relaxing trip to maui. each island really has its own energy, and things to share with you, if you just quiet yourself and listen. my suggestion to anyone would be to go, making no plans, and just follow your gut... go with the flow... and go slow.

got to meet up with samson, and some of the guys from pacific rootz tattoo. great people, and some great tattoos. specifically i wanted to meet up with samson, as i have appreciated his traditional tribal tattoos on line for some time. REALLY nice guy, and man his tattoos are great. while there we were able to also go to the opening blessing of his 2nd shop in wailuku. it was really something special to be invited to, and see.... and sharing in some kava was an awesome first experience for us as well. thanks again samson!

charged up, and ready to get back to work, i thought i would start with another schedule update and some other info.

my summer is almost booked, right now i am taking appointments for august... so please email me if you are interested in booking a consult. i REALLY appreciate all the interest, and people wanting to work with me. thank you.

i am doing some guest spots in victoria @ tattoo zoo through the summer. here are the dates i have set up right now:

july 6 - 10th { the 8th and 10th are open as of may 26th }
august 16 - 21st { i have the 19/20 left here as of may 26 }
september 21 - 25th {wide open for those who really plan ahead!}

anyone interested in getting tattooed by me on vancouver island... please get ahold of me, i would love to get some regular work going there, as we love it there so much.

as i am a 1 man show... i am so slow to get stuff updated, and really do try my best. facebook is one of those creatures. as it perpetually evolves, i have had to let the group i had set up go, and have started a facebook page for the 4 truths tattoo sangha. please feel free to follow my slow updates on there as well! heh. for those interested, a sangha is a word in Pali or Sanskrit that can be translated roughly as "association" or "assembly," "company" or "community" with common goal, vision or purpose. Sangha is the third of the Three Jewels in Buddhism. for me, tattooing is part of my spiritual practice, and i have always been attracted to use the word sangha... and have started to. i believe that no matter peoples beliefs, tattooing brings people together. the work i do, and the people i share it with, is a sangha.... a family. one that i am very grateful for.

enough for now... time to go out there and create and share.
may 7, 2011
waiting for spring...

for a while now mark has been working with us, and as of may 1 we now have andy here as well! check out their sites, and their work! really nice tattoos, by great guys!

some great updates and congratulations to tricia allen for receiving a couple awards for her great books on polynesian tattooing! have a peek... and honestly, get these books if you like tribal tattooing from the islands! great books.

a great new site for me, that i have been reading quite regularly, is reality sandwich. have a peek... and maybe open up that brain box a little.

into you tattoo from the u.k. have a blog now... have a peek! really a great shop, that many artists i really respect have worked, or continue to work. great shop! i remember seeing alex binnie's black work in the early 90's, and it blows me away still!

part of this into you family... thomas hooper has been up to some cool stuff lately too.

there ya go, get a nice coffee, and sit back and have a look at some great tattoos!

as far as an update of my own schedule, i really appreciate everyone thats interested in working with me. as of today, i am booking in mid july. please keep that in mind when emailing me to book a consult. my first concern ALWAYS is quality over quantity... so i appreciate the patience.

so much of our lives is needlessly rushed, i see tattooing as a great opportunity to exercise patience, acceptance, and being present.

the deepest, most spiritual mantra to practice, the simple words "thank you".
try it.... it can be really profound, if you are present when you say it, and mean it.

more soon....
april 12, 2011
GOSSIP: Ten Pathways To Eliminate It From Your Life.....

1.Speak No Evil.
Say only positive statements. Let words of kindness be on your tongue. This means to respond instead of react. Edit your speech before you speak.
2.Hear No Evil.
Refuse to listen to gossip, slander and other negative forms of speech. If you're on a diet, don't bring the cake and cookies into the house. If you're ending gossip, try and keep away from conversations that may tempt you to listen or chime in. If avoiding the conversation is impossible, have another topic of "positive" interest you can quickly bring up in order to change the subject.
3.See No Evil.
Judge people favorably, the way you would want them to judge you. If you've ever been accused of doing something for which you know you were innocent, then you know how it feels to be misjudged. Remember, if you weren't there, you don't know. Even if you were there, you may have missed the context of what actually happened.
4.Don't Rationalize Destructive Speech.
Excuses like "But it's true" or "I'm only joking" or "I can tell my spouse anything" just don't cut it. Gossip is gossip. The fact that it is true is what qualifies it as gossip. If it were not true, it would be libel or slander, depending upon the medium.
5.Beware of Speaking Evil Without Saying An Evil Word.
Body language even with positive speech can bring tremendous destruction.
6.Be Humble.
Avoid Arrogance. These will be your greatest weapons against destructive speech. Take pleasure in your accomplishments, not pride. This way you recognize the Ultimate Source of your accomplishments. Those who are arrogant are so full of themselves, that there is no room for God in their lives.
7.Beware of Repeating Information.
Even positive information needs permission before being repeated. Telling someone who's out of a job that your mutual friend got a raise, does not constitute proper speech.
8.Honesty Really is The Best Policy - Most of the Time.
Be careful to always tell the truth unless it will hurt others or violate privacy. Strive for honesty in everything you do. If being honest means unnecessarily hurting another's feelings, it's better not to be so truthful. Those who boast about being "brutally honest" are usually more brutal than honest.
9.Learn to Say, "I'm Sorry."
Everyone makes mistakes. If you've spoken badly about someone, clear it up immediately. It might be embarrassing, but get it over with quickly. Apologize, ask for forgiveness, and let him or her know it won't happen again.
If you have been wronged, let it go. Forgive for your sake, if not for theirs. Those who can forgive live healthier, happier, and less stressful lives. Those who say they'll forgive but not forget are actually saying that they'll neither forgive nor forget. (from GOSSIP: Ten Pathways To Eliminate It From Your Life And Transform Your Soul by Lori Palatnik and Bob Berg)

absolutely words to read, digest and grow from.
april 11, 2011
just got back from a great work trip to victoria. thanks to all the people at tattoo zoo, they made it a great trip for me... really appreciated.

i will be posting dates for a return trip in the next little bit, as soon as i organize with gerry. i would like to make some regular trips out there, and tattoo you cool island folk!

if you are in victoria, and are interested in working with me, feel free to email me and we can set up time for the next trip to victoria!

for anyone heading there, go check out discovery coffee. there are other coffee places to check out too, i know... but this was the first one i tried. trying to save a new coffee place for each trip. but man so far, discovery is a real nice cup! drinking some fresh roasted hand ground beans from there right now.... real nice. i suggest the columbia hula to start. strong and smooth.

here are some fun things to look at...

the gypsy gentleman a trailer for a show i hope will be good... as it has one of my favorite tattooers in it, thomas hooper.

a little video of andy tauafiafi and his pe'a

ok.... its sunny out, and i am going to take advantage of that gift...

the convention is booked, but please feel free to come by and say hi. i wont be there the WHOLE day... as its like 12 hours, but i will be there from noon til early evening! my banner is white, with black... nice and simple to spot!

come by and say hi.

more soon.

march 27th, 2011
so much to try to catch up on, or put out there for the future.

firstly, i want to share the most POWERFUL mantra you can practice... 2 simple words... "Thank You". simple really... but possibly the most powerful thing you can meditate on, or say to another person.

i just updated the gallery, i like to wait until i have a few new pieces, give a bunch of new ideas for people to digest... i hope you enjoy them.

some things coming up, i will be doing a guest spot in victoria, at tattoo zoo april 7th to 9th. most of my time is booked, but if you are interested, let me know and i will see what i can do.

the vancouver convention is coming up, i will be working it... april 15-17th. i am booked more or less for the show, but come by and say hi!

i have so much more cool stuff to post... i will try to get to this in the next couple days, just cool links and such.

facebook, i really dont love it, but more tattooers are on it, and thats cool for seeing new work, and getting inspired.

with that said, my friend dave is doing a great thing, tattooers for japan... a benefit for japan, after all the tragedy over there. there is not a tattooer on the planet that doesnt owe the japanese tattoo tradition some respect, and in this case, support. have a peek at what dave is up to, and a WHOLE list of artist from around the world. {artists, join the group!}

ok... more soon.... promise.
feb 22, 2011
sorry for the slow updates, its been a busy.

i will start with the vancouver tattoo convention. its at the p.n.e. forum this year, april 15-17th. i will be there working and hanging out... probably taking pictures a little for fun as well. my work schedule is now booked, thanks for all the interest... and the great pieces to work on. i will have some shirts printed up for the convention, if anyone is interested in wearing the next incarnation of my shirt. i am looking at a mens, and a womans design this time around. possibly hats as well... we will see.

a really interesting watch for those interested in indonesian tribal tattoos and the mentawai tattoo revival. much thanks for aman durga sipatiti for doing this important work.

video #1

video #2

here is the durga tattoo video channel on youtube with some other videos...

i have been really busy at the studio, and am working at cultivating the VERY important work life balance. check out this great video on ted about this. with this in mind, i am perpetually working towards living the best life i can, and also doing the best work i can for my clients. the world would be a better place i think, if more of us worked towards this balance.

this post is video heavy! more words soon.
january 19th, 2011
i will always say it... man, time can fly.

i know i live in a world that desperately loves to rush, for no apparent reason. there are times though, that i am keenly aware of this though.

its been a busy start to the year. for those looking to book time, i am booking about 2 months in advance for tattoo times... and it takes about a week to 2 weeks to get in to see me for a consult. thanks to everyone for their patience with this. i work really hard to make every tattoo the best i can.

since the start of the year, i have been meditating more than i ever have... working at it every day. maybe the world would be a better place if everyone slowed down if even for 10 minutes each day... maybe.

thanks for all the great projects... more to come... always.
dec 31, 2010
for some people, the new years eve is a great time to have a huge party with friends. for others, it may be just another night. i guess really, every day is seen in a full spectrum of beliefs, and emotions. however you see it, i hope you enjoy it!

for me i love to look back at the past year, and make goals for the new year. we have a couple nice rituals that we do, and make sure that we enter the new year clean of anything that we dont want to come with us. it may just be a date, but i choose to use it as a moment that i decide to do some physical, mental and emotional house cleaning.

one of my wishes for the new year is that we all take a little more time... we are so time famished, its terrible. i dont think it need to be this way. there is nothing wrong with taking a little time for yourself. time to reflect, time to sit, do nothing... people watch... whatever. we have lost the art of leisure. we get a spare moment, and we almost feel guilty for not doing anything. this is sad.

for the new year, i wish these things for people...

laughter... the kind that makes you cry, makes your stomach hurt... its so awesome.

lessons that help us grow as people.

quiet times... those amazing moments amidst the chaos, that show us just how peaceful and beautiful things can be.

good conversations with friends and family.

we all talk about it... we all say it... " its the little things in life that are so great..." so i think a great thing to do is start to focus on just that, the little things.

to everyone that i have worked with, or may work with in the future... thank you. to family and friends, you are awesome people, that make my life the great adventure that it is.

om mani peme hung.


dec 24th, 2010
the year is coming to a close, and i would like to thank everyone that i work with for all the great opportunities!

there are so many different faiths out there, and i feel all of them should be respected. as we are on the eve of one, i wish everyone a merry christmas.

i think everyone should look beyond their church or their faith...look beyond the commercialism, all the stuff, if even for a moment. reflect on unconditional love, for yourself, your family, your friends.... just let it open.
make good memories with those you love as the year comes to a close.

we all know its the little things that we remember, so why dont we focus on them?

would it really be that bad a place if we all slowed down just a little? gave ourselves a little time each day to just be?

enjoy this video, and reflect on the words and how you could live them in your own way...

dec 13th, 2010
i have been really slow on the uptake, but am happy to announce that mark has joined us in the studio now...

check out his website!

more soon.
december 7, 2010
imagine, if we all did something to help 1 person around us... not through an organization... but person to person. even the smallest gesture... imagine what could happen.

i was recently reading about the concept that although we REALLY need to watch nature and animals, and the terrible decline of species... but at an alarmingly higher rate... humans or rather our cultures are becoming extinct. i havent the book in front of me, but the amount of languages and dialects that have disappeared, its shocking. now evolution is the nature of things, but to me, if we focused just a little more on each other around us... and less on a faceless corporation to disseminate our charity for us... maybe we could help this a bit. not that the charities are bad, but would it hurt to help someone right around you too?

of course this ties in with me reading the new book i got from lars krutak. the old tattoo traditions are disappearing as well... and the more we work to preserve it, the more future generations can learn, and enjoy them.

i sometimes fear our loss of history... you need to know where you came from, to know where you are going. we loose that, and we could end up lost in endless loops of behavior.

also, i want to share some good reading that was shared with me by a client who just lost her father... it was his wish that she memorized this when she was a child. i think its amazing words for a father to want his daughter to know and carry with her for her life....


Go placidly amid the noise and haste,and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantmentit is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

Be cheerful.

Strive to be happy.

--Max Ehrmann
december 1, 2010
have at the gallery, a few new pictures up. i am always torn, put 1 up at a time, or wait... i always defer to waiting. its fun to put several photos up at once! more to look at all at once.

working on some other projects right now, check back here soon and i will let everyone know if i can work them out.
november 23, 2010
holy, time is moving too fast for me lately.
i say to my clients, that the world is rushing too much out there... so not to rush the process of tattooing.

here is a great little video, talking of the process one man went to complete his pe'a. its a beautiful piece.

i get a lot of these little bits from tricia, subscribe to her news letter if you like this sort of thing... its normally a once a month email.

november 9th, 2010
just to give a quick update, more on the appointment side...

for people looking to maybe start a new piece, i just want to give you a heads up that its going to be in the new year. with loosing a little time through december for holidays and such, we are looking at january for new projects. of course i can get you in soon enough for a consult, but i just like letting folks know the time frame you are looking at.

thanks to all the new people that have come by and booked, some really great people with really cool projects!

i feel real lucky to be attracting so many people interested in the traditional tribal forms.

we rush so much through our lives, there is no reason to rush with a tattoo... enjoy the journey...
oct 28th, 2010
first, this cool little blip...

here is some video from a tattoo gathering that happened recently.
the world culture and tattoo festival

it was something that i would have loved to go to. i hope more of these small gatherings happen, and highlight all the different forms of tattooing.

i have received my book from lars krutak, and let me tell you its BEAUTIFUL! if you are at all interested in tribal tattooing, this book is worth it!

more soon, just wanted to get that link up!
oct 15th, 2010
so i have a few things that were sent to me, that i want to pass on.

first, a cool blog about tongan tattooing.

there is a great show on tattooing done by tv new zealand.

i am on the mailing list for tricia allen. its through her i get some great links to look at. if interested, you should subscribe, and enjoy what she finds. here is her site.

i try to get this stuff up and out there as much as i can, if you know of any cool links, please pass them on to me and i will get them up on here for others to enjoy too.

for those looking to the future to get an appt set up, know i am currently booking in december, and its almost full now. i do have time left, but as the holidays take a chunk of time out of the month, its filling fast.

more coming.
oct 9th, 2010
lars krutak....
you need to read his books, and check out his site!

now he also did a show for discovery... i am REALLY trying to hunt this down, so i can watch it. here is the one episode i have found. WATCH IT!

he is also on facebook. lots to look at and read there too.

if anyone knows of a torrent, or whatever, a way for me to watch the whole show, let me know... would love to see it!
october 8th, 2010
i have been looking for a bit, and havent been able to watch lars krutak's show 'tattoo hunter'. if anyone knows a way i could watch this on the internet, or has found it, i would love it if you emailed me and let me know what you found! lars has written great books on the subject of traditional tribal tattooing, and i would love to see what he was able to do with a tv documentary.

this morning... my thoughts are on why we get tattooed. of course there are the meanings and reasons that are quick to come to us... on the surface. BUT i think there is so much more, deeper reasons. way down in the darker areas of the mini-verse we see as us, some sort of desire for the process??? for the outcome??? i dont write this with any answers, just a cool thing to share, to think about.
october 4th
here is a great site to site and look at for a monday...

thomas hooper
thomas is an artists work i really like.... his phone covers, that you can custom make from his art are really cool!

for those that read my ramblings, and are interested, i am currently booking december appointments. i am not saying this to rush anyone, just to let folks know.

we rush every day, everything around us forces us to rush. there is no need to rush a tattoo. its something that will be with you far longer than all of this 'stuff' around us that is vibrating around at such ridiculous frequencies. maybe that is one of the things that is magical about tattoos... they force us to be right where we are, at least for a moment.

yesterday was mahatma ghandi's birthday... there have been, and are some amazing people out there. we need more of these kind of people. respect to someone i consider a teacher of mine, his book changed the way i thought about many things when i was younger. om.

go sit, and have a coffee, or a drink with a friend, have a chat... its what mondays are good for.
sept 28th, 2010
here is a great video from the london tattoo convention, with some great shots of traditional tattooing being done. 1 of the artists shown {but doesnt talk} is pili mo'o, who i have been tattooed by, and stretched for.
have a look
sept 27th, 2010
as a small business, man its really challenging. as a 1 person business, it gets way too much at times. for a while now i was working more on various social sites, to see what comes of them. well i can tell you now what comes of all that work, not much really. so i am pulling my facebook account back to really just a dummy page, and leaving it there. i have ignored my personal site more than i wanted to... in trying to keep up those sites. so with some virtual simplification, this is where all my energy is going to go now.

here is a great video of colin dale doing some skin stitching, one of the older traditional tattoo forms.
quick n dirty...
i will write more in a bit, but i dont want to forget this!


this book is looking awesome, and lars krutak's books are some that i have really enjoyed. so keep an eye out for it!
august 11/2010
thanks for taking the time to look at my site, and read my blurbs....

summer is coming and going, maybe faster than any of us want. a thanks to all that i have been working with! the projects that have been coming in have been great! really different ideas, and a lot of tattoos in the dot work, and traditional forms of tribal. thanks so much for that.

current bookings are now for october, with a few in late september. so if you are thinking about the fall, please get ahold of me now, so we can get you in and booked for then! to get ahold of me, click on the contact button above, or email me if you are interested on setting up a consult.

if you havent come across tricia allen's books yet, i recommend them for sure! here is a link to have a look at them. the new one, its full of great pictures of some awesome tattoos.

another book you should have a look at if you like the traditional american styles, is this book on amund dietzel. i havent looked at it yet myself, but have high hopes for it.

we all have more in common with each other, than we dont.
maybe we should focus on that more.

i know i am.

july 9th
well, more than a while, but worth it.

i am a person that likes to tinker with things. maybe always looking for the simple ways of doing things. i guess by doing this, i make things not simple, but regardless.... i have worked out my gallery now. my tattoo portfolio has been completely re-done. no more folders, you just jump in. letting the styles i am really interested in hang out together, instead of separating them. please enjoy!

thank everyone that was patient while i was away learning, and growing as an artist. i was able to jump back in, and start applying all i had learned about polynesian tattooing right away.

the mixture of my knowledge in reiki, and these forms of tattooing are really a great mix. in these old styles of tribal tattooing, there is a large transferring of energy, or mana from the tattooer, to the client. there is much more i can learn in these areas, and will continue to do so, and share it with clients that are interested in this style of tattooing.

for a little update, as of today, i am booking mid august for consults, and beyond for appointments.

click on the contact button above, or email me if you are interested on setting up a consult.

i hope everyone enjoys the summer...
check back often, i have a few projects that are really cool i am just about ready to reveal....

march 9, 2010
here is a great blog to check out on pictish tattoos

and here is a link to tricia allen's new book polynesian tattooing today

well worth a look.
march 7th, 2010
so much to write about, but i will go for the big stuff!

the biggest news really is that i will be taking 2 months to go to europe. i will be away from the studio from april 10th to about june 14th. i will be checking my emails all the time, so feel free to stay in touch. i will be setting up consults for as soon as i am back, getting right into it for the summer! my goal with this trip is to further my knowledge of some of the tribal styles that i love tattooing so much. kind of like a school trip really, but more fun!

i have a few appointments available before i go, so if you are interested at all, let me know. i am being extra flexible for folks that are wanting projects done prior to my leaving.

thanks to all that work with me, i appreciate the great opportunities that i get to work on such cool work. also please feel free to add me on facebook. i try my best to put stuff up there too.
end of the year
its christmas eve, and really its been a busy year.

thanks to all who help me do what i do. i wish you and yours all the best, merry christmas!

its taken a bit, but it looks like i will be closed for the olympics. i will be tattooing for the first bit of february, but come the olympics, we are out of here.

i am planning a trip to do a guest spot in holland as well, i will post dates about this as i know them. its looking like late april.... i will be working with rob deut, have a look at his site, great tattooer, lots to learn!

i will get back on here for a new years message soon.